What is Discoveries?

A collection of fiction and non-fiction books that are being read and discussed on campuses across the nation. It also includes books of local interest to the UMF community. Currently there are over 80 books in the collection, which is located next to the coffee bar, across from the check out desk. More titles are added over the course of the year. You can see which books are available here.

What is Discoveries NOT?

It’s not a replacement for the public library. You won’t find the latest Danielle Steele or John Grisham book in this collection. These are all books that have been selected by the staff at Mantor Library and added one by one to this collection.

Why spend money on books like this, especially when the rest of the collection needs help?

Since fiction typically costs so much less than academic works, we were able to add quite a few books with little money spent. In addition, many of the books were donated to the collection.

What’s the benefit of having a collection like Discoveries?

The books in this collection are selected to fill a gap in the collection policies between academic and public libraries. They’re not intended to duplicate collections found in bookstores or public libraries, but to provide a sampling of diverse titles with recreational and, potentially, educational value to members of the UMF community.

Is the library taking suggestions for books to add to the Discoveries collection?

Of course. Simply speak to a staff member or email suggestions to us. We can’t promise we’ll add every suggestion we get, but we’re always looking for new books to enhance the collection and look forward to hearing suggestions.