Guidelines for the Acceptance of Materials

The Library will generally accept

  • Hardbound books/monographs
  • Paperback books
  • Selected journals/magazines to which the library currently subscribes(Please contact serials staff in the Library Information Services department before bringing serials donations to the Library.)
  • Selected audio and visual materials (CDs, DVDs)

The Library will generally not accept

  • Outmoded formats (VHS, cassette tapes, LPs, 8-track tapes, etc.)
  • Outdated books
  • Textbooks
  • Computer software
  • Mass market paperbacks
  • Materials in poor condition or exhibiting signs of mold or mildew
  • Materials that contain highlighting or underlining of text
  • Materials with restrictions attached to their disposition

Gifts of materials are treated as new acquisitions and thus are evaluated by the same standards applied to new purchases to ensure quality, consistency, and relevance to the needs of the Library.  Materials intended for the Library collection are accepted at the discretion of the Library staff with the understanding that the items become the permanent property of the Mantor Library, and the Library retains the right to handle or dispose of gift material in the best interests of the institution.  Only those materials which prove to be in good physical condition and conform to the Library’s collection development goals, guidelines, and policies will be added to the collection.

Materials donated, but not added to the collection, may be offered to other institutions or placed in the Library book sale or sold to specialty book dealers with the proceeds used to support future acquisitions.

Mantor Library will accept gift subscriptions of magazines, journals, and other serials provided the following criteria are met.

  • The serial is relevant to the learning, teaching, and research goals of the University.
  • There is a commitment by the donor to fund the subscription for a minimum of three years.
  • Donated issues arrive at the library within one month of the issue date.  (If items are not delivered in a timely manner, the most current issue will be displayed in the browsing room and will not become part of the permanent collection.)

To inquire about donating a serial subscription, please contact the serials staff in the Library Information Services Department.  The decision process for purchasing serials runs from April to June, with orders made in July and subscriptions beginning in January.

Tax Information and Appraisals

Gifts of materials to Mantor Library are considered non-cash charitable donations.  Because of legal restrictions, the Library is unable to provide appraisals. Donors of gifts with an estimated value between $500 and $5,000 should read IRS publication 526, Charitable Contributions and/or publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property, both available from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Donors of gifts exceeding $5,000 in value also should read these publications and should discuss tax considerations with an attorney or an accountant. An appraisal is required to substantiate a tax deduction of more than $5,000 for a non-cash gift.

Please note that once gift material enters the processing workflow, the Library can no longer accommodate an appraiser.  If a donor is considering a tax deduction and wishes to have his/her donation appraised, he/she should do so prior to making the donation.

Process for Delivering Gifts

In most cases, it is the responsibility of the donor to arrange for delivery of donated material(s) to the Mantor Library.  Donations small in quantity may be delivered directly to the Mantor Library Information Services Desk during regular hours.  If the materials are large in quantity, please contact the Library staff in advance to ensure that the materials are acceptable and to make arrangements for storage.

All gifts must be accompanied by a completed and signed Mantor Library Gift of Materials Form.

Processing of Gifts on a Time-Available Basis

Please note that gift materials selected for addition to the collection may not immediately be available for use and/or circulation.  Due to the workload of library staff, most gifts must be temporarily stored until staff have the time to process them.


The Library acknowledges each gift with a letter.  (If acknowledgement is not necessary or desired, the donor is asked to indicate so on the Mantor Library Gift of Materials Form.)  Because of the volume of gifts the Library receives and the subsequent labor involved in processing them, the library cannot provide donors with itemized lists of materials donated.