The Peter Mills Electronic Classroom (PMEC) is designed for University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) library staff to teach library instruction and is the support facility for the library’s Information Literacy Program. Library instruction or other use by library staff has priority over any other use of the PMEC. When not being used for instruction, the classroom is available to UMF students, staff, faculty, and community patrons as an open computer lab.

Sessions in the PMEC are scheduled for the following purposes (in order of priority):

  1. Course-related or course-integrated library instruction conducted by library staff.
  2. Workshops or training sessions for students or student library aides conducted by library staff.
  3. Workshops, training sessions, or professional development sessions for UMF faculty or staff conducted by library staff.
  4. A one-time, single session of a UMF class conducted by UMF faculty for their own instructional purposes when no other computer lab is available.
  5. Instruction, training, or workshops conducted by a UMF student with the direct supervision of a member of the UMF faculty.
  6. Administrative training for UMF faculty or staff conducted by non-library UMF faculty or staff when no other computer lab is available.
  7. Other UMF-related uses on an as-available basis, when no other computer lab is available and subject to the approval of the Reference Librarian.
  8. Occasional use by non-profit community groups or organizations on an as-available basis, subject to the approval of the Reference Librarian.

The PMEC may not be scheduled or used for the following purposes:

  1. Regular, repeating, or recurring meetings of any class for an entire semester.
  2. An open lab or on a drop-in (unscheduled) basis for a UMF class, with or without the faculty member or course instructor present.
  3. Use of the classroom for any purpose when the library is closed.
  1. Instruction, training, or workshops for community patrons or the general public conducted by any person not employed by or affiliated with UMF for any purpose not affiliated with UMF, not associated with an officially sanctioned UMF program, not associated with a non-profit group or organization, or without the approval of the Reference Librarian.

Personal, commercial, business, or for-profit use by UMF faculty, staff, students, community patrons, or the general public.

Rules of Use

Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, and can be made by contacting the Reference Librarian by phone, through email, or in person. The Reference Librarian reserves the right to deny a request for a reservation that does not comply with the rules and guidelines outlined in this policy.

The person who is requesting permission to use the classroom and who will be responsible for monitoring the use of the room during the reservation period must make the reservation with the Reference Librarian.

Faculty must accompany any classes they schedule in the PMEC.

Reservations for instruction sessions conducted by library staff should be made at least one (1) week in advance to allow the library staff sufficient time to prepare.

Requests for reservations by UMF faculty to use the classroom to conduct their own session with their class should be made at least three (3) days in advance and are subject to classroom availability. Requests for reservations by any other person who wished to use the PMEC without library staff should be made at least one (1) week in advance and are also subject to classroom availability.

A calendar of reservations will be posted outside the PMEC and made available online through the library’s homepage. However, all reservations made by the Reference Librarian will be valid and the reserving party will be allowed to use the classroom for the reserved period even if notice is not posted in advance.

A reservation takes priority over other use of the PMEC. Anyone using the PMEC must leave when asked to do so by the UMF faculty member, library staff, or any other person who has reserved the classroom with the Reference Librarian.

Only members of the group or class with the reservation may use the classroom during the reserved period.

When a reserved period has ended and if there is no other class scheduled, the PMEC will be made available to all library patrons as an open lab.

No reservations will be made for the last week of classes during an academic semester or during finals week so that the PMEC can remain available as an open lab for students.

Any person or group who does not keep a PMEC reservation and fails to notify the Reference Librarian in advance can be denied future reservations.

The PMEC’s instructor station and the classroom technology available from it are for librarian use only. Faculty with a reservation to use the room for instruction may use the instructor’s station and classroom technology and can request to be logged into the instructor’s station.

The computers in the PMEC may not be reconfigured, and no software (permanent or temporary) may be installed on or removed from any computer or the instructor’s station in the PMEC without the express approval of library management. Requests to add software must be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance of the scheduled reservation, and any modifications to any computers, including the instructor’s station, must be made by the IT Services. Library management and IT Services also reserve the right to refuse any such requests.

The library is not responsible for hardware, software, or network failures during a class. Library staff should be notified of any equipment failures or technical problems that arise during a PMEC session.

Loud conversation, cell phones, or other disruptive behaviors are not permitted in the PMEC. Any person or group using the PMEC, with or without a reservation, can be asked to leave for failure to abide by library policies. Anyone, with or without a reservation, can also be denied access to the PMEC or denied reservations to use the PMEC in the future for failing to abide by the library’s policies.

Community patrons under the age of 16 may not use the Peter Mills Electronic Classroom.

All use of the PMEC equipment must conform to the Mantor Library’s Acceptable Use Policy, Patron Conduct Code, and UMF copyright policies.

Revised: 7/26/2017