This form is for the use of UMF faculty and teaching staff who wish to request that the Mantor Library purchase a resource (book, CD, DVD) to be put on reserve for or used by students in a specific course. (For general purchase recommendations, please use the library’s online Acquisitions Request form.) A sincere effort will be made to acquire the material if it is appropriate for the library collection and the budget allows.

Request Deadlines: July 1 for fall classes; November 1 for spring and summer classes. (These deadlines will help to ensure the timely availability of the material for student use. If a request is received after the deadline, every effort will be made to accommodate it.)

Please check URSUS before submitting your request to see if Mantor already owns the item

PLEASE NOTE: All items for course reserves must be accompanied by course reserves submission form and appropriate course reserve item list. These forms are available here.

Items marked * are required.

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