Our library has a lot of resources, but we know we may not have everything here you’re going to need for your research. We promise to do everything we can to help you get access to the materials and resources you want.

If we don’t have an item, check out URSUS and MaineCat (described below) first – these sources will come more quickly and you will have more flexibility in using them.

If you still can’t find what you need, you can place an Interlibrary Loan request using the form linked here. (To help us get exactly what you need, please fill out the ILL form as completely as possible. Including the database you found the item in is extremely helpful.)

ILL request form

Ursus (the University of Maine system catalog)

When you’re doing a search in the catalog, you can request any item you find in URSUS – no matter what library it “lives” in. Look for the “request” button on the URSUS page. It looks like this:


You’ll be taken to a page where you enter your name, library barcode (the one we gave you) and the library where you want to pick the item up (probably UMF). Easy! In three to five days, you’ll have your requested item. (We’ll send you an email when it comes in.)

MaineCat (state libraries network)

“But wait!” you say. “The thing I want isn’t in URSUS!” No worries. If URSUS can’t help, look around on the results screen for the MaineCat button.

Search MaineCat

When you click this button, it will search for the same thing you just searched for in URSUS. If you find it in MaineCat, click on the hyperlink that says “REQUEST THIS ITEM” in the record you found. Assuming there’s a copy available, you’ll be taken to a screen that asks you to select your library. Select “UM Farmington.” Then, enter your name and barcode along with the library where you want to pick up the item, and it’ll be here in Mantor for your retrieval in three to five days.

Interlibrary Loan: (nationwide)

Finally, when you’ve exhausted the other options but are still gamely trying to find that source, we offer Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Why do we save this for last? Because it takes longer for the materials to arrive, and we know a lot of the time you need those sources now. Through ILL, you have access to libraries across the country. Simply fill out this form online, and in three days to three weeks, your materials will arrive. We will email you when your item arrives.

Special notes:

ILL materials need to be renewed through Mantor Library. Please contact us to renew them.

For all of the options, please remember you may be subject to fines if you return the items late.