Using our computers | Printing | Guest wifi access | Questions?

Using our computers:

Logging in: All community patrons use the same username and password (available from our Access Services desk with some additional information.)


  • Please use the computers on the 1st floor. (Our 3rd floor machines are often in use for classes.)
  • Our computers have web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer), Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, DVD viewing software, and other common and widely used tools.
  • Several computers are marked for UMF use only: these are to ensure there are machines available for students at all times. Your community login will not work on these machines.

Using the computer:

  • Any files you save to the computer will be erased automatically when the computer reboots. Please save to your email or to a portable drive (commonly called a USB or flash or thumb drive).
  • Please report problems or unexpected behavior to our Access Services desk.
  • We can provide only limited assistance with personal technology questions, but are glad to help if there’s a problem with one of our computers or with something like printing or wifi access.
  • Our machines have no external speakers: you will need headphones to listen to sound. (You can check some out from the Access Services desk)
  • All library patrons are expected to follow our policies, but you may particularly want to review our Technology Use policy and our policy for use of the Peter Mills Electronic Classroom. As noted, priority is given to academic uses.


Community printing is $.10 (ten cents) per page. It is sent to a printer behind the Access Services desk. You will follow the steps below, then pay at the desk to retrieve your printing.

  • Print the item you want to print (generally by going to the File menu and then selecting Print.)
  • Select the Community_Users printer if it is not already selected.
  • You will be asked to log in. Use the same username and password you used to log onto the computer. If you expect to print several documents, you can ask it to save your username and password for a longer period of time (default is 5 minutes).
  • You will see a brief balloon on your screen saying your job has been sent to the print queue.
  • Make note of the number of the computer you are using. (In case there are multiple print jobs waiting.)
  • Go to the Access Services desk when you are ready to retrieve your print jobs. One of the staff will confirm which job is yours, take your payment, and give you your printouts.

Wireless access:

Guest wifi access is available for laptops and other mobile devices.

The network name is UMS-Guest

The precise process for connecting will depend on your device, but after you select the UMS-Guest network, you will be prompted to enter your email address. Once complete, you should be connected. Your registration lasts for 4 hours: at the end of that time, you can reconnect using the same method.

Our guest wireless account does block some websites (similar to filtering used in schools) and access to MaineStreet, Blackboard, and other UMS websites is restricted to encourage institutional customers to use tempest, our campus network. Finally, bandwidth is capped in order to protect overall campus bandwidth for academic needs, so streaming media or large downloads may not work.

Our Guest Wireless Network will not allow you to print to our campus printers, including the community user printer at Access Services. If you need to print, please use one of our public access computers.


Please tell us immediately if a computer does not work or does not behave as expected: sometimes we can fix something for you immediately, but we’d like to make it work better for everyone.

We can provide only limited help with personal technology questions (such as using software), but can provide more support for tasks specific to our set-up such as printing. The Farmington Public Library offers introductory computer training on a regular basis and there are regular Adult Education programs available as well.