After the Financial Aid Office has received FAFSA information from the Federal Processor and has gone through any corrections or verification process (if required), we will calculate an award package.  Students will receive an Award Letter that explains what information was used as the basis of the award, and the aid amount for which the student is eligible.

Be advised that changes that occur as a result of the verification or appeal process can change aid eligibility.  If a change does occur for verification or any other reason, the student will receive email notification (sent to the email address) (or a revised award letter for first-year students) of the change and be urged to check MaineStreet for details.

Students will receive a hard copy of the first award letter.  The award letter will give instructions on how to accept/decline the financial aid award on MaineStreet. A paper option is provided for first-year students. We recommend students keep a copy of their award letter if they return the original to the Financial Aid Office.