Applicants must be female Maine residents who have completed (or will have completed by the end of the Spring semester) at least one year of college or of an accredited program requiring attendance for more than one year, be a student in good standing at the educational institution or be on an approved absence of not more that one year, be able to demonstrate financial need, and have a definite plan to complete their educational program (whether leading to a Bachelor’s degree, an Associates degree, or other certificate).


One scholarship of $1200.

How to apply:

Applications for this scholarship can be picked up at the UMF Merrill Center.  Applicants will also need to include an official transcript from the school or college, verification of enrollment and good standing at the school or college, two letters of recommendation concerning this application from school officials, teachers, employers, or other persons not related to the applicant, and a signed statement of the applicant’s educational, personal, and career goals, family financial situation (if applicable), and financial need.


Completed applications must be received by April 20 and sent to the nearest local organization (see list on the application form).