Sometimes standard financial aid is insufficient to cover the costs of a college education.  For some students, this could mean the inability to stay in school.  This situation is not optimal, but it is a reality that some students now face.  Here at UMF, we recognize that students and parents may be looking for other ways to pay for college. The UMF Financial Aid Office does not sponsor or endorse any private alternative loans, but we have found information at the following FAME link to be a helpful source of information for students and parents.  In addition, there is excellent available information at

Private Alternative lenders are now required to collect a certification form from borrowers. Lenders typically provide this during the loan origination process. You may access this form at this link:

Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification

Additional information regarding Private Alternative Loans pertinent to UMF may be found at:  Alternative Loan Brochure.