Add/Drop Policy (pertains to schedule changes by students who remain enrolled):

A student may drop some, but not all, classes during the first two weeks of the semester without financial penalty.** After the second week, the student will be responsible for the entire cost of a dropped course unless he or she withdraws completely from UMF.

The last day for a 100% tuition reimbursement for dropping a class is September 10, 2017*. Courses added at any time will result in additional tuition and fee charges.

Tuition and fees are not canceled when a student fails to attend a course; courses are  dropped only by filing a properly completed Schedule Change Form with the Student  Records Office or by using MaineStreet as allowed.

Withdrawal (pertains to students who discontinue enrollment in all courses):

Students who are considering withdrawal from the University (after classes have started) should contact the Merrill Center for information concerning the correct withdrawal procedure. Eligible adjustments to charges will be calculated based on the last date of attendance. Withdrawing from ALL classes in the Fall 2017 semester will result in the following adjustment to charges**:

If your withdrawal date is:                                       Your % of Adjustment to Charges is:

On or before September 10, 2017                                               100%

On September 11, 2017 thru September 24, 2017                        75%

On September 25, 2017 thru October 8, 2017                             50%

On October 9, 2017 thru October 22, 2017                                  25%

Withdrawal on or after October 23, 2017                                        0%


*Orientation fees, course fees, health fees and health insurance fees are not refunded.  Room and board refund   percentages are published in the room and board contract.

**Please note that the seven (7) week courses do not follow the same calendar adjustment to charges. For withdrawal/drop calculations from seven (7) week courses please contact the Merrill Center.

Financial Aid:

Enrollment changes may affect financial aid eligibility.    Contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact at (207) 778-7100.