If you have a credit balance on your account for the upcoming term, and it is appropriate for that credit to be refunded to you, the first group of refund checks will be mailed to a student’s Mailing Address the week before classes start each semester.  Any returned refund checks will be available for pickup in the Merrill Center once classes resume.  You may qualify for a refund if your total financial aid or payments for an individual semester exceed your student charges.  For loan credit refunds,  all appropriate loan requirements must be satisfied in order for the refund check to be issued.  You may check the status of your account on MaineStreet.

Subsequent refunds will be issued on a weekly basis and available for pick-up in the Merrill Center.  All subsequent refunds will only be mailed on request.

If a student has excess financial aid and is registered at another University of Maine campus,  UMF,  in most cases, will transfer aid to the other campus prior to issuing a refund.  The student, however, is responsible to make certain that balances at all other campuses are satisfied.

If you have any questions or concerns with regard to refunds, please contact the Merrill Center at 207-778-7100 or e-mail umfbus@maine.edu.

Direct Deposit Instructions