Student employment is an important part of a student’s financial aid package, and is integral to the daily operations of many departments here at UMF. Student employment at UMF allows students to work in fields related to their major or a personal interest, and they often gain employment that leads them to a decision of what they would like to pursue in a professional capacity.

Our two main programs here at UMF are the Federal Work-Study program and the Student Work Initiative program. Some departments on campus are also able to hire students using their own budgeted funding.

Your Path to Student Employment at UMF
1. Find a job by reaching out to the listed position supervisor and get hired (remember to have a resume ready!)
2. Gather and fill out all needed hiring paperwork (Hiring Packet for first time student workers, Work Authorization form only for returning student workers)
3. Complete hiring documentation and return to Merrill Center Student Services
4. Once completed, you will be cleared to begin work!
5. Remember to complete all required safety training through UMS Academy

Supervisor’s Forms and Information

Payroll System for Supervisor and Student Employee(MaineStreet)

Supervisor Information (MaineStreet)


Job Lists

Academic Year 20-21 Work Study Job List (NEW!)

Academic Year 20-21 Work Initiative Job list (NEW!)

Payroll Schedule

Student Employee Forms and Information

Student Employee Self-Service Information (MaineStreet)

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