Student employment is an important part of a student’s financial aid package, and is integral to the daily operations of many departments here at UMF. We are very proud of our student work programs because they allow students to work in fields related to either their major or a personal interest, or even to gain employment that leads them to a decision of what they would like to major in or pursue in a professional capacity.

Our two main programs here at UMF are the Federal Work-Study program and the Student Work Initiative program.

Federal Work-Study is awarded to needy, on-time aid applicants as determined by information submitted on the FAFSA.

Our Student Work Initiative program is for students who were not awarded Federal Work-Study and still wish to work.

A third option for students is to find a job paid through department funds. Not all campus departments hire students this way, but some do.

Please be advised that it is not our policy to place students into their jobs, so searching for a job is a competitive process.

Here is information that you need to know, as a student or a supervisor, to take full advantage of the Student Employment Programs here at UMF.

Job Listings

Supervisor’s Forms and Information

Payroll System for Supervisor and Student Employee(MaineStreet)

Supervisor Information (MaineStreet)


Payroll Schedule

Student Employee Forms and Information

Student Employee Self-Service Information (MaineStreet)

University Policies and Safety Information