Work Eligibility

Canadian and International students who have been granted F-1 student status by Immigration may accept on-campus employment without prior approval from Immigration.  A student is eligible to work on-campus if they are maintaining a minimum 12-hour course load per semester.  On-campus work must be limited to 20 hours per week during the school semester for those who work over 20 hours per week are considered ” out of Status” by Federal Government F-1 Student Regulations. During vacation periods, if they are eligible and registered for the following academic term, and have not graduated, students may work on-campus in a full-time capacity.

Social Security

Every student working in an on-campus position must apply for a Social Security Number.  A Social Security Number and Card should be applied for if a student has obtained an on-campus position immediately.

F.I.C.A. Tax

Canadian and International students who work on-campus are not required to pay F.I.C.A. taxes during the time they are enrolled as full-time students.  During the academic year ALL students are exempt from this tax.

On-Campus Restrictions

Immigration does not allow for on-campus employment after a student receives their degree (completion of program of study) and has no plans to pursue another educational program in the U.S. A. in the next academic term.  Upon graduation, The Department of Homeland Security grants both Canadian and International students a 60-day period to apply for a new / extended immigration status (if eligible) or to depart from the United States.  Failure to comply may result in a three (3) or ten (10) year ban from the United Sates.  Immigration does not allow for on-campus employment if a student drops below the full-time (12 hours) course load nor during the 60 day grace period.

All questions concerning work eligibility for Canadian or International students should be directed to the Office of Enrollment Services and Exchange Program (phone number 778-7122).  Once an International student has secured a position on-campus they should immediately make an appointment with Miranda Brodeur, Administrative Specialist, UMF Merrill Center (phone number 778-7103) who will assist them with completing the proper paperwork and outline the regulations regarding their employment in the United States.