I have never had a job at UMF before. What do I need to do?

Students new to the student work programs should attend one of the training sessions held at the beginning of the Fall semester. Once the student has secured a job on campus they will pick up a hiring packet from the Merrill Center (resources such as the online job list and annual employment fair are great options to learn which jobs are available).

The student will then fill out all of the hiring paperwork which will include: Work Authorization Form, I-9 Federal and State Form, IRS W-4 Federal Withholding’s Form, and Safety Training information. Upon completion of all hiring documents, the student will be entered into the payroll system and will be able to begin work.

Students unable to attend a training session should contact the Merrill Center Student Services to make arrangements to complete the requirements mentioned above.

When can I pick up my student employment work authorization form if I am a returning employee?

Student employment work authorization forms are normally emailed to your @maine.edu email address. If you do not have your work authorization form in your email, please contact Merrill Center Student Services.

Can my paycheck be deposited directly into my bank account?

Yes, direct deposit is available.  You may set up and manage your direct deposit on MaineStreet under Employee Self-Service – Payroll and Compensation.

Do I have to pay Social Security Tax?

No, you do not have to pay Social Security Tax (FICA) if you are enrolled in school for six credits or more. If you drop below six credits, you will pay Social Security Tax.

Do I have to pay Federal and/or State Tax?

During the academic year, students do not usually work enough hours to have any taxes withheld.

When do I get paid?

A pay schedule is included in the work authorization packet.   The pay schedule will tell you when you need to submit your time and when you will get paid. If you have lost your pay schedule, please direct questions to your supervisor, or refer to the pay schedule found on our Student Employment Page.

Where can I pick up my paycheck?

If you have not already setup direct deposit for your paycheck, your paper  paycheck will be available at the Merrill Center Student Services which is located in Merrill Hall.