Pay Level II


Employee will help to run the intramural program. S/he will be responsible for the scheduling of games and referees for all intramural sports. Employee will be responsible for submitting evaluations of the programs on a regular basis, along with constructing an intramural board. The employee will be responsible for doing office work, holding meetings with referees and captains on the teams. Employee will also coordinate the Hilda Barstow race. Work requires organizational skills and the ability to work with peers, intramural supervisor and the student senate.


1) Scheduling of all intramural games.

2) Scheduling referees for all intramural games.

3) Training the intramural referees (i.e. going over the rules with them and making sure they understand them).

4) Preparation for each sport (i.e. making sure the equipment and fields are available).

5) Advertising (i.e. captains meetings and the beginning of sports).

6) Office work.

7) Hold meetings.

8) Be actively involved with each intramural sport.

9) Coordinate the Hilda Barstow race.

10) Submit a written evaluation of each sport at the completion of the sport.

11) Attend a Student Senate meeting at least once a month and give a brief summary.

12) Work cooperatively with the intramural supervisor.

13) Any other jobs needed to help the intramural program run smoothly.

14) Set up intramural board.

The statement above reflects the general duties considered necessary to describe the principle functions of the job and shall not be construed as a detailed description of all work requirements which may be inherent to the position.