1. Student Work Programs are designed to give you valuable work experience while a student at UMF.  Students wishing to participate in the Student Work Initiative program must be enrolled in a degree program and maintain a 2.75 GPA.  You may not earn more than the gross amount listed on your Student Employment Authorization.
  2. This is an employment opportunity. You will be paid only for hours actually worked. You do not earn any vacation time or sick/personal time. You may not work more than 40 hours in any one week. You may only be paid wages for hours that you have actually worked as certified by the authorized signature of your employer. You may never submit time using your employers name.  It is illegal and could result in criminal prosecution. You cannot be paid wages for receiving academic instruction.
  3. It is your responsibility to obtain an approved work position. You should contact prospective supervisors as soon as possible to ensure that you are considered for those particular positions. Both you and your employer must sign the Student Employment Authorization which signifies your acceptance of the position. You may obtain the Student Employment Work Authorization form from the Merrill Center Student Services.  You or your employer must return this form to the Merrill Center Student Services so your employment information can be processed in MaineStreet.
  4. It is your responsibility to coordinate your work schedule with your supervisor and to meet it to the best of your ability.
  5. If you are unable to work, it is expected that you will notify your supervisor in advance.
  6. You are a representative of the University; therefore, your demeanor should be in accordance with your supervisor’s expectations.
  7. Your student employment position is the same as any other job, and the lack of performance or attendance is justifiable cause for your dismissal.
  8. You will be paid every two weeks. It is your responsibility to see that your time is enter on MaineStreet for processing according to established policies. If your time is not submitted properly and by the proper due date, you may NOT be paid until the following pay period – a minimum delay of two weeks.
  9. Once you have accepted a job, you are expected to remain on the job for the employment period (Summer or Academic Year) or until your work allocation is earned. Before leaving any position, you should discuss your planned leave with your supervisor.