Summer Job List 2017

This Job List is good for the Summer 2017 which runs from May 14, 2017 – August 26, 2017


If your financial aid award lists a Summer University Work-study award, you may apply for ANY job on this list and your earnings will be paid from your Work-Study award.

  • If your financial aid award either by letter or on MaineStreet does NOT indicate a Summer University Work-study award, or you did not apply for financial aid, you may apply ONLY for the Student Work Initiative Program jobs, which are listed in Gray. Please note that a minimum G.P.A. of 2.75 is required, must be a matriculated UMF student, and is enrolled at least half-time to participate in the Work Initiative Program.
  • Students are generally permitted to hold only one campus job at a time. Students wishing to work more than one job must obtain prior approval from the Financial Aid Office located at the Merrill Center Student Services Center in Merrill Hall.
  • If you earn all of your allotted money before the summer session ends or before the project is complete, you may request additional work funds. Approval of requests for additional funds is subject to availability of funds.
  • If you are looking for a job off campus or internships, you may view the Career Service website.
  • Note:  This list only includes jobs that are funded through the University Work-study Program and/or the Work Initiative Program.  Some departments on campus may offer un-posted jobs that are funded through other avenues.  These job opportunities are variable, but nevertheless are a helpful alternative.  Contact the Merrill Center for further guidance.