Student Work Programs at UMF: A Guide For Supervisors


The purpose of the Student Work Programs is to provide students with part-time employment to meet part of their educational expenses.  Additionally, it helps meet the labor needs of the University and it can be a meaningful part of the educational process.

The Federal Work-Study Program allows the University to employ qualified students at a cost to the institution of twenty-five percent of the gross payroll.   Federal Work-Study funds are awarded to students who apply for financial aid and meet the eligibility criteria established by the Financial Aid Office and the Federal Government.  Authorization for Federal Work-Study funding is made exclusively by the Financial Aid Office, which notifies students of their eligibility on their financial aid award notice.  Eligibility for Federal Work-Study may change from year to year due to changes in a student’s financial aid eligibility, timeliness of applying for financial aid, and availability of funding.

Approval to accept a work position that is funded from sources other than the Federal Work-Study Program (such as from the Work Initiative Program or from a specific campus department) must be granted in advance by the Financial Aid Office.  This is necessary because the Financial Aid Office is responsible for monitoring, coordinating and controlling the amount of resources that students, who are receiving any amount and type of aid, received through the University.  Please note that students in the Student Work Initiative program must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Therefore, all student employment must be approved in advance by the Financial Aid Office regardless of the funding source.

Primary Purpose

The primary responsibility of the supervisors is to provide supervision, training and support to the student employees.  Many students may have a great deal of potential but very little prior work experience.  Thus, their jobs become part of the educational process and may complement their academic work.  Patience and support on the part of the supervisor can help the student develop that potential and become a valuable asset to the operation of the department.

Hiring Procedures

Job listings for pre-approved positions are available on the Internet in our the Student Employment section.  A listing of eligible students is available to supervisors for perusal at the Merrill Center, and will be updated weekly through the beginning of the fall semester.  Employment contacts may be made by either the students or the supervisors.

No student can begin work until a Student Employment Authorization Form has been properly completed, along with both the student’s and supervisor’s signatures, and returned to the Merrill Center.

To facilitate timely updating of the online job listings of pre-approved positions, supervisors are asked to send an email to or to phone the UMF Merrill Center at 778-7100 to report any vacancies that have been filled.

NOTE: All copies of the Student Employment Authorization Form should be returned to the Merrill Center.   Processed copies will subsequently be distributed to the employer who, in turn, will furnish the student employee with a copy.

Additionally, Federal Work-Study and Student Work Initiative students will only be authorized to work for supervisors who have a signed “Supervisor’s Responsibility Agreement”on file in the Financial Aid Office.

To facilitate timely updating of the online job listings of pre-approved positions, supervisors are asked to send an email to or to phone the UMF Merrill Center at 778-7100 to report any vacancies that have been filled.

Disciplinary Issues

In the event that a student does not perform his or her assigned duties in an appropriate manner, the supervisor should give the student a verbal warning and document that it has been done.  If informal verbal attempts to resolve the matter are not successful, a written warning should be given or sent to the student with a copy sent to the Financial Aid Office for the student’s file.  If the student’s performance continues to be unsatisfactory, the supervisor may dismiss the student.  Written notification should be given or sent to the student with a copy being sent to the Financial Aid Office.

Flagrant instances of wrongful conduct, fraud, or other serious offenses such as breach of security or confidentiality, are grounds for immediate dismissal.

Any more binding agreement/contract between a hiring department and a student supercedes this policy.  The Financial Aid Office suggests that each supervisor hold a student contract with each employee.

Wage Rates

Wage rates will be determined by job title.  Job titles and corresponding pay levels are pre-determined by the Financial Aid Office.  (Links to the payroll schedules and job titles can be found on the Student Employment Page).  Changes in pay level require a change in job title.

The Student Employment Authorization Form has a designated space for indicating Pay Rate and Pay Level.  These should be filled in by the supervisor at the time the authorization form is completed, and must correspond with the job title and length of service.

Students may only be paid hourly wages for those hours they worked.   Students may never be paid wages for receiving academic instruction; there are no paid vacations, sick leave, or other fringe benefits nor may students be paid stipends or salaries.

Monitoring Earnings

Earnings control is necessary because of the statutes and regulations governing federal financial aid programs and the policies of the UMF Financial Aid Office.  All Federal Work-Study recipients are limited to a specific gross earnings level for each eligibility period.  This limit is stipulated in the student’s financial aid award notice and on the Student Employment Authorization Form issued to each eligible student.  It will be the shared responsibility of the student and supervisor to ensure that the earnings limit is not exceeded.


Students cannot be hired into positions where a relative directly supervises them.  Relative is defined as:  spouse, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew (or the spouse of any of these, or any other related person or non-related person who is part of the student’s household.)

Payroll Information

The payroll schedule is available at all times on the Student Employment Page.  Time is to be reported daily by the student employee using the MaineStreet online payroll system.  The date on which the pay period ends can be found on the Student Employment Page.  The supervisor must approve all time entered by his or her student employees.  Please read the payroll schedule carefully.  Failure to enter time or approve time according to the published schedule will result in the student not getting paid for that time period.  Missing the deadlines will result in the student’s hours being counted on the next payroll, a minimum delay of two weeks.

Checks will be available for student employees to pick up at the Switchboard/Mailroom located at the Olsen Student Center on the dates specified on the payroll schedule.  Students should have personal identification available when obtaining their checks.

If you have any questions, please contact Miranda Brodeur at ext. 7103 or Roy Burdin at ext. 7107 in the Merrill Center.