Parents often wonder if their child will find a job after graduation.  This article, A Career Planning Course for Parents,  has information for parents about ways to support their college student in their career development, as he or she progresses through four years of college.  The UMF Career Services office has many valuable workshops and events for students, including job fairs for full-time, part-time, on and off campus employment.  We often hear parents and students ask: What can I do with a major in _____?  While it is important to understand the kinds of jobs related to a major, it is equally important to know that undergraduate academic majors are flexible and can lead to various career paths.  Here is a link to an interesting article:  6 Steps to Kickstarting Your Career as a College Student.


Employment Fair at UMF

One of the best ways for students to utilize their four years of college is to get valuable experience that employers want.  The Partnership for Civic Advancement provides local opportunities for UMF students, including internships, undergraduate research, leadership and volunteer experiences.  Click here to see the exciting internships that some of our students are currently working.

One of the questions that is frequently asked is: “What are employers looking for?”  The skills that students learn at UMF, through their education and practical experiences are exactly the skills that employer say that they value and skills that can be transported to many different jobs.  See the graphic below:

Job Outlook 2014 Candidate Skills

NACE Job Outlook 2014 Candidate Skills. Can be accessed at