Greetings from the Academic Success Team!  We are a group of UMF faculty members and staff members who meet weekly to coordinate academic support services for the campus.  We attempt to identify students who are struggling and to connect them to appropriate resources.

We are proud to report that a majority of the students who start at UMF return for a second year and approximately 60% of students who start at UMF complete their degrees. Of those students who leave UMF, many transfer to other colleges or programs. However, student success is not guaranteed at UMF.  In order to be successful, students must attend class; maintain communication with their instructors and academic advisers; and, be engaged in campus activities. UMF is committed to student success and we go to great lengths to make certain that students are offered the opportunity to be successful. To that end, we offer a wide range of support services. It is a well documented fact that students who do not succeed at UMF are students who do not make use of the services we provide.

Jess Berry, Director of the Learning Assistance Center and George Miller, Director of Advising Development are key members of our team.  They welcome your comments and concerns.  Jess can be reached at 207-778-7214 or and George can be reached at 207-778-7337 or