The Campus Police/Public Safety Department is committed to the safety of our campus community and the prevention of crime on campus. We maintain our own on-campus Public Safety Department, which provides round-the-clock security, including law enforcement, campus security, and emergency police response. The University has a strong working relationship with the state, town, and county law enforcement.

Each residence hall building is locked down 24/7. Entry is granted to residents only through an electronic card access control system. We provide emergency phones and outdoor call boxes throughout campus, including outlying parking lots, each linked directly to the UMF Public Safety Department communication system. Our inter-campus escort  (ICE) program allows UMF community members to be escorted to and from classes, buildings, vehicles, etc. at any time they feel uncomfortable walking alone. The Campus Police/Public Safety Department is located at 112 Maguire Street in  Farmington. Our main number is 207-778-7400.


Public Safety building on campus

Emergency Phone #’s  ( 911 )

  • UMF Dept. Public Safety: 207-778-7400
  • Farmington Police Dept: 207-778-6311
  • Franklin County Sheriff’s Office: 207-778-2680
  • Franklin Memorial Hospital (switchboard): 207-778-6031
  • Franklin Memorial Hospital (Emergency Room): 207-779-2250