UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement supports student engagement in community-based activities in western Maine and beyond that are intentionally designed to be mutually beneficial to UMF students, our community partners, and the communities served.

Student-community engagement activities supported by the Partnership include:

(See “Definitions” for a description of each engagement type.)

Upcoming Events:

Days of Service – Volunteer Projects on September 17th, October 15th, 24th and 25th, and November 5th

Internship Workshops:

All Majors – October 19th

ORBA & Alpine Ops – October 24th

DEADLINE to Apply for Intern Awards for Spring 2017 Semester Internships:  Monday, October 31, 2016

Next Leadership Workshop:  “Gotta Get Through This:  Skills you can use for yourself and your Life”

There are so many things to do – and so many people to please!  This workshop is an opportunity to assess where your stress comes from and give you some new skills to help you get everything done.  Join us on Wednesday, November 2nd in Room 103 in the Kalikow Education Center.  Space is limited to the first 24 students who register for this workshop at:  Gotta Get Through This!

Check here to see all  Upcoming Events and Meetings

How can you get involved?

Students interested in working with community organizations or local businesses – start here.

Faculty and staff seeking to expand student learning opportunities through community placements – start here.

Community businesses and organizations interested in securing assistance from UMF students on high priority community projects – start here.

Partnership News:

  • Visit our Partnership News page for updates on what’s happening with the Partnership, and


Contact Us:

University of Maine at Farmington
Partnership for Civic Advancement
149 Quebec Street
Farmington, Maine  04938
Telephone:  207-778-7516 or 778-7593
Facsimile:  207-778-7840
TDD:  207-778-7000


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