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Internships involve placement of a UMF student in a community work setting.  Similar to apprenticeships for trade and vocational schools, internships can be thought of as a system to provide on-the-job training for professional careers. Internships may, at the discretion of faculty members and departments, carry academic credit.  Internships may also include financial compensation – they may be unpaid, paid, partially paid, or supported through awards or stipends.

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Review the “About Internships”  and “Expectations for Student Interns” pages to learn more about internships.

Applying for an internship:

1.  Review the list of available internships. KelseyOConnor_EnGeolIntern2014A (2)

2.  Click on the internships’ names to see the full description.

3.  Complete and submit the online “Internship Application Form”  – As directed on the Application form, remember to:

  • Indicate which Faculty member will serve as your reference and ask them to send a reference letter for you to the Partnership office.
  • Email a copy of your resume to the Partnership office

(NOTE:  If additional application materials are required by the community sponsor, please just follow the directions in the “Application Process” section of the Internship description.)

4.  If you are applying for an unpaid internship, check the boxes at the end of the application to indicate if you are eligible for a T.H.E.O Award

Application Notes:

  • Students are strongly encouraged to apply for more than one internship.
  • Students may apply for internships through the Partnership at any time, but please note that there is a deadline each spring and fall for applying for an intern award in connection with an unpaid internship for which you are applying.

Internship Awards and Stipends!

You may be eligible to receive a financial stipend award while performing your internship!

Check here to see if you are eligible to apply for The T.H.E.O. Fund in connection with an unpaid internship through the Partnership.

Contact the Partnership (207-778-7516) if you have any questions, or want additional information about any of these opportunities or about our application and placement process.


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