To help ensure that your internship is successful and, when it is completed, that you get rave reviews, it is mandatory for all student interns to participate in the required Orientation and Training sessions held each semester.

In the meantime, here are a few items you need to keep in mind.  Some of this may seem obvious, but not to everyone, so it all bears repeating.  Keep the following common guidelines in mind, and you will be on your way to making your internship a productive and happy arrangement – for yourself and for your community sponsor.

1.     Punctuality

Be prepared to observe standard business hours (e.g., 8:00-4:30 or 9:00-5:00) as scheduled by the sponsoring organization.  Always be on time!

2.    Technology

Cell phones off!  No personal emailing, texting, using social media, or making personal calls.  Do not use your employer’s computers for personal business or entertainment.  Never use abbreviated text language (e.g., LOL, how r u, brb) in a work context.

3.    Attire

Wear modest attire at all times.  Ask your supervisor what is specifically appropriate for your work environment.  Generally, business casual (slacks and shirt, skirt and blouse or dress) is expected, unless you are conducting field work.  There may be settings in which more formal apparel, such as a tie and jacket, are required.  Flip flops, tank tops, or otherwise revealing clothing are not permissible.

4.    Attitude

Always be courteous, alert, upbeat, and responsive.  Show enthusiasm as you approach each task.  Be patient with those who may be disgruntled, and if you are required to answer the phone, show proper etiquette by responding with good manners, the use of standard American English (no slang), and steadiness.

5.    Expectations

Make certain you know what is expected of you.  Talk with your supervisor about specific outcomes.  Be certain you have reached agreement about how to tackle the task at hand and what you are expected to achieve.

6.    Issues

Address problems you may be experiencing in the workplace with your supervisor; however, if you encounter safety issues or serious irregularities that you cannot address with your supervisor, please contact Celeste Branham, UMF’s Vice President for Student and Community Services at 778-7087.

7.    Representation – of yourself and of UMF

Always remember that you are representing yourself and the University in any internship you may undertake, and you want your actions to reflect positively on both.  Carry the core values of UMF into the workplace:  respecting others, including those who are different from you; providing service to others; nurturing good relations between the university and the community; observing personal integrity in all aspects of your work; seizing every opportunity to learn.

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