Internship Application Form

Use this form to apply for an internship.  If you are applying for an unpaid or partially paid internship, you can also apply for an intern award on this same form.  Simply complete and submit the form online – remembering to name a faculty reference and email your resume or other application information as directed on the application form.


Request/Register Academic Credits for your Internship

To receive academic credit for your internship (practicum, field experience or apprenticeship), you must register your internship with UMF’s Registrar.  This is the form you must use to do so.  Simply print a copy of this form, take it to a faculty member or your faculty advisor to get it completed, signed, and submitted to the Registrar.  Remember to keep a copy for your records!

Academic credit for internships requires faculty approval.  Please note that approval of academic credit must be obtained before you begin your internship, so please get your faculty member involved early in the process – we suggest doing this when you submit your application.  Contact your faculty advisor to discuss the internship opportunity and request approval to receive academic credit.

When you get academic credit  for your internship, it is monitored and graded by faculty and takes the place of a class or classes.  Please note that students are required to pay UMF for any credits they receive for performing their internship at the same credit hour rate as you pay for a class.


Volunteer Service Form

It is very important that UMF is able to track all types of community engagement – including any time that you volunteer in the community.  To let us know where you are volunteering and the frequency of your service, simply complete and submit this short online form.

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