Mark your Calendars for the 2017 Spring Internship Fair!IMG_20141001_115247753_HDR (2)

Wednesday, March 8th
11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Olsen Student Center

Snow Date:  Wednesday, March 15th

Click here for a list of Participating Businesses and Organizations
(confirmed participants will be posted here as reservations are received)

For Community Partners:  Fairs present a wonderful opportunity to talk with students about your business or organization, and meet students who are interested in interning with you.

To reserve your space, click here to register online or register via email to:

For Faculty and Staff:  We welcome faculty and staff to come and meet representatives from various sectors throughout our regional community.  This is an opportunity for you to learn more about their organizations and the wide array of options they can provide for our students.

Encourage your students to attend, ask some to come with you – or feel free to bring your entire class.

For Students:  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to meet and network with employees from a variety of businesses and organizations, and to explore some of the many different internships that they and other organizations have available.

Review the pointers below to help you be prepared for and make the most of your time at the Internship Fair:

Internship Fair Pointers for Students:


1.    Plan Ahead:

Before the day of the event – review the list of the participating businesses and organizations, and the internship opportunities they have posted on our website.

Compile a list of the organizations you most want to talk with and do your research – find out what they do.

Make a note of how your interests and skills match the needs indicated in their internship posting, and jot down questions you wish to ask them.

Update your resume and make sufficient copies to bring with you to the Fair.

2.    Present Yourself Well:

Dress appropriately – as if you were going to an interview.  Looking and acting in a neat, clean, professional  manner conveys your interest in the organization, and your respect for the representatives participating.

Check in with the staff at the Partnership’s table to find out where the organizations you wish to speak with are located, ask questions you may have about that organization or internship, etc.  Your time at the Fair events is limited and some tables may have a line of students, so knowing exactly where you need to go will help you make the most of your time – and hopefully, allow you some extra time to just explore some of the other possibilities!

Bring plenty of copies of your resume, along with your date book or calendar.

Greet each representative with a smile and a handshake, and with an eager, positive attitude.  Prepare a simple introduction and deliver it confidently, for example: “Good morning.  I’m Joe Smith.  I’m a junior here at UMF majoring in Business.  I’m interested in a pursuing a career in marketing and would like to talk about your internships in that area.”  Then indicate some relevant courses you have taken.

3.    Be Engaged in the Conversation:

Being engaged in a conversation means not only talking, but listening well.  It means not only answering their questions, but asking your own questions.

Always keep the door open for future contact.  End your conversation with every representative by asking them about the next step and expressing your appreciation for the time they spent with you.

4.    Collect Organizational and Contact Information:

Pick up a copy of any brochures or other information they have available on their table.

Make sure you get a business card or else the name, telephone number and email address from each representative with whom you speak.

5.    Follow Up:

Send a brief note to each representative with whom you spoke at the Fair, thanking them for again their time and reaffirming your interest in their organization.

If you indicated that you would be applying for an internship with them, either during the Fair or in your follow-up note – make sure you do so as soon as possible.


1.    Cruise the Fair with a group of friends – this is your chance to make important connections, have one-on-one conversations with the representatives, and make a positive impression.  The “group effect” conveys a lack of seriousness on your part.

2.    Come dressed for the gym or for relaxing at home – this is a professional activity and your manner of dress should demonstrate that.  You will be meeting with professionals who have made time in their busy schedules and perhaps driven a long way to talk with you.  To not dress appropriately shows a lack of respect for them and indicates to them that you are not really that serious about their organizations or opportunities.

3.    Come unprepared – time is limited, so decide ahead of time which organizations you wish to speak with most.  And – do your research – check out their websites and their internships posted with the Partnership.  Knowing about the organizations will enable you to have a much more fruitful dialog with them.

4.    Interrupt or Cut into other Students’ Conversations with the representatives.  Sometimes a representative will talk with several students at once if they arrived at the table at about the same time.  If they are talking with students one-on-one,  patiently wait your turn, or go to the next organization and return.

5.    Arrive late in the event – if the Fair will end a half an hour or less after you arrive, you will not have time to visit with many representatives or have any meaningful interaction with them.  Also, many of the representatives travel long distances to attend at the Fair, and some must leave early.  Coming near the end of the event may mean you do not get the opportunity to talk with the organizations in which you were most interested.


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