Employer: Skydive New England
Internship Number: 413
Internship Title: Onsite Representative Intern
Location: Lebanon, Maine
Period of Engagement: Summer
Compensation: None
Description of the Internship:
Skydive New England and Three Rivers Rafting offers Adventure COOP – a summer internship offering a curriculum and experiences to help students obtain valuable employment and life skills associated within New England’s Adventure and Hospitality market.  All programs run for 14 weeks during the summer – the height of their seasons.

For more information on Skydive New England, Three Rivers Rafting, and the Adventure COOP Internship program, go to their website at:  http://www.skydivenewengland.com/BottomNav/Internship_Program

The Onsite Representative interns will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in all areas related to operating a Skydiving Learning Center and Extreme Resort.  The candidate will work directly with customers, management and team leaders in areas such as Sales and Marketing, Recreation Planning, Customer Service, and Scheduling.  A vital aspect of this position is to function as a liaison for customers and work with the management team to continuously develop and improve the customer’s overall experience.  The Operations Manager and Marketing Director will train and educate Onsite Representatives on how to successfully accomplish required tasks.

Key responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Working 30-40 hours per week with the Operations Management Team on site at the Skydive New England Dropzone, 40 Skydive Lane, Lebanon, Maine
  • Working directly with Managers to continuously develop and improve customer experience
  • Assisting Marketing Department, Scheduling Office, Call Center, Cafe, Pilots, Parachute, Packers, or Classrooms as needed
  • Providing Managers with feedback on new and transitional reservation systems
  • Creating a weekly video and posting to Social Media sites
  • Phone sales and reservations (NO COLD CALLS – incoming calls only)
  • Assisting customer in planning an enjoyable experience in Southern Maine
  • Providing other customer support as needed
  • Administrative tasks such as data entry, filing, and tracking
  • Working 10 hours weekly with the Marketing Director
  • Collecting, reviewing, editing, and posting Weekly videos on Social Media sites
  • Collecting, editing, and posting Weekly photos on Social Media sites.
  • Great people skills, self motivation and on outgoing personality
  • A desire to create and complete goal-oriented tasks relating to our concept
  • A basic knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Work and Excel
  • Reliable transportation and lines of communication
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced, customer service oriented sales environment while still conveying fun, adventure and excitement.
Application Process:
Application is made through UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement.
Complete and submit the Partnership’s Internship Application Form online.
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