Employer: Thompson Lake Environmental Association – Thompson Lake Youth Conservation Corp
Internship Number: 417
Internship Title: Apprentice Crew Leader/Coordinator
Location: Thompson Lake – Oxford, Poland, and Ottisfield, Maine
Period of Engagement: Each Summer
Compensation: $15 per hour
Description of the Internship:
The mission of the Thompson Lake Associations Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) is to provide a cost effective solution to erosion issues within the Thompson Lake Watershed.  Through its projects, the YCC works to preserve the water quality of Thompson Lake.  The Thompson Lake Youth Conservation Corps began in 2002 as part of a grant under the Federal Clean Water Act.  The YCC also receives guidance from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The basic idea is that while the YCC provides the design and labor to implement watershed projects, the landowners pay for materials used and agree to maintain the results for five years.

The YCC itself is headed by an adult coordinator who meets with the landowner and assists with the design and permit process when necessary. The crew consists of a crew leader and 2-5 high school age youths whom TLEA employs for 8 weeks in the summer. Typically the YCC completes about 20 erosion projects each year.

The Thompson Lake Association Youth Conservation Corps is seeking an Apprentice Crew Leader/Coordinator.  This intern will work under the direction of an adult coordinator for the first year and will ideally assume the Crew Lead/Coordinator role in subsequent years.   The crew leader will perform some labor as part of the crew team during the internship.  The Apprentice Crew Leader/Coordinator is a 12-week, 40 hour per week position from June 10th through mid- to late August.

For more information on Thompson Lake Environmental Association, please visit their website at: http://www.thompsonlake.org/youth.html

The Apprentice Crew Leader/Coordinator will assist the YCC Crew Chief/Coordinator in in fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Hiring a crew and relaying proper employment information to TLEA’s Treasurer
  • Putting together a summer work schedule including:
    • working with the steering committee to advertise the YCC services
    • contact interested land owners and set up a site visit
    • looking at areas of erosion concern and determining if work can be conducted by YCC
    • come to agreement with land owner, including what project will include and schedule the project
  • Directing a crew of 3-4 YCC crew members to accomplish projects, addressing group work issues, ensuring a safe and secure work environment, creating an environment where crew members input and feedback is encouraged and valued.
  • Supervising conservation work details, instruction, and environmental activities, monitoring performance and progress of crews, and implementing logistics needed to complete projects.
  • Schedule activities of crew members.
  • Maintain order and discipline among work group members, provide leadership and direction in the performance of daily project work, and work with group members to ensure safe and orderly work conditions.
  • Instruct crew/work group members in job related tasks, develop job safety plans and explain and enforce safe work practices and safety rules and regulations.  Instructs crew to conduct safe operation and maintenance of tools and equipment used.
  • Maintain records and prepare required reports, including records on each participate containing basic identifying information emergency contacts and other required documents.
  • Provide advice and counsel to crew members regarding work-related problems and routine personnel problems.  As the team leader, offers instruction and guidance on positive social skills, such as diversity and conflict resolution skills and issues.
  • Provides positive feedback by recognizing positive behavior and achievements of crew members.
  • Develops a caring and supporting environment for all crew members.  Assists in providing a work environment that is appropriate to varying participant needs and levels of maturity. May intervene by correcting inappropriate behavior and non-performance.
  • Ensures crews are properly equipped for conservation work duties, including purchase of appropriate supplies and equipment.
  • Estimate the cost of the project, obtain signed contract with the landowner, order materials for the project, submit bills to the Treasurer and keep accurate records of project costs.
  • Prepare a yearend report that can be sent to the towns and organizations providing grants to the YCC, which should include photos and thoroughly document the work accomplished over the summer.
  •  Some landscaping background and familiarity with basic hand tools
  • Prior experience with erosion control or environmental conservation projects preferred but not required
Application Process:
Application is made through UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement.
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