Employer: Evergreen Behavioral Services
Internship Number: 421
Internship Title: Crisis Worker, Case Manager, or Counselor Positions
Location: Farmington, Maine
Period of Engagement: Available Each Term – Spring, Summer or Fall
Compensation: Unpaid
Description of the Internship:
Evergreen Behavioral Services was formed in 1994 to address a community-identified need for expanded mental health services in Franklin County and surrounding areas. The agency provides 24/7 emergency mental health response, employee assistance programming, mental health and substance abuse services in the community and at the Franklin County Detention Center, community outreach services, and is established as a behavioral health home.

Evergreen Behavioral Services can support one (1) intern each term in either a Crisis Worker, Case Manager, or Counselor position, dependent upon the department.  It is estimated that the intern would work approximately 10 hours per week.

For more information about Evergreen Behavioral Services, visit their website at:  http://www.fchn.org/ebs

Students will receive an introduction to the not-for-profit business arena and will learn about policies and procedures related to day-to-day operations.

Most internship work focuses on:

  1. Building a rapport with clients
  2. Completing comprehensive bio/psycho/social assessments
  3. Developing treatment plans
  4. Providing brief interventions designed to support and/or resolve mild, short-term emotional and psychological difficulties
  5. Other tasks within this internship might include specific projects as assigned by the site supervisor
  • Must be in final year of program of study
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality
  • Must demonstrate good attendance
  • A mature self-starter who can also simultaneously be an effective team player.
Application Process:
Application is made through UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement.
Complete and submit the Partnership’s Internship Application Form online
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