Employer: Rangeley Lakes Region Historical Society
Internship Number: 439
Internship Title: Media Conversion and Accessioning Technician
Location: Augusta, Maine
Period of Engagement: Available Each Term – Spring, Summer or Fall

(Flexible scheduling, available immediately or during the summer)

Compensation: Unpaid
Description of the Internship:
As a non-profit organization, the mission of the Rangeley Lakes Region Historical Society (RLRHS) is “to discover, identify, collect, preserve, and interpret artifacts, printed material, and original historical records which document the history and traditions of the region and its people.”

This internship’s primary role would be as a Media Conversion and Accessioning Technician for RLRHS in partnership with the Maine State Library at their Lab in Augusta.  This internship will provide an opportunity to assist in the digitzation of various media from our collections.

For more information on the Rangeley Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum, visit their website at:  http://www.rangeleyoutdoors.com/rangeley-region-guides-and-sportsmens-association-sponsors/organizations/rangeley-lakes-region-historical-society/

The internship will require working at the Maine State Library in Augusta.

The work will involve scanning and creating a digital copy of various media including paper, photos, glass plate negatives. The intern would be a key component in the preservation of these vintage records.

The intern will receive training in various processes of preservation by converting various artifacts into digital formats using equipment available at the Library.

It is anticipated that the intern will work a flexible schedule of approximately 15-20 hours per week up to a maximum of approximately 135 hours. Flexible hours on a planned schedule with an ability to work around the intern’s classes or work schedule are available.  A travel stipend or mileage reimbursement through RLRHS may be possible.

  • Enthusiastic, positive attitude
  • An interest in history and museum operations with a desire to learn
  • After training, the ability to work independently to convert media to digital formats, cataloging artifacts involving the use of a computer
  • Good organizational abilities and attention to detail
  • Student would need to have their own vehicle
Application Process:
Application is made through UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement.
Complete and submit the Partnership’s Internship Application Form online.
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