Employer: Kieve-Wavus Education – Camp Kieve for Boys
Internship Number: 449
Internship Title: Head Bunk Counselor (Trip Leader)
Location: Nobleboro, Maine
Period of Engagement: Each Summer
Compensation: Yes
 Description of the Internship:
Wavus Camp for Girls, and our parent organization Kieve-Wavus Education Inc., attracts top notch staff and counselors who are selected for their potential to be positive role models for our campers and who bring positive energy, a sense of adventure, and a desire to experience transformative personal leadership.

Our staff facilitates growth experiences for campers both in daily camp life and on our extended Wilderness Trips which are a signature experience for campers and counselors alike. We are a “kid-centric” camp and we strive to embody the notion that, “Nothing creates a safer place for youth to stretch themselves, explore, grow, learn and build relationships than the act of play” (Susan Ragsdale).

We expect our staff to operate at a high level of professionalism and safety while simultaneously embracing the joy and playfulness of youth. We ask them to make a full summer commitment that will allow each person to experience the full cycle of growth for personal leadership and community development.   Working closely with the Camp directors, Trip Directors, and Health Care Manager and with the assistance of one or two Junior Counselors, the Head Bunkhouse Counselor will be responsible for one cabin of campers during each of two camp sessions, including leading one or two wilderness trips of varying length from one night to 21 nights for each of their cabins.

For more information about the Camp Kieve for Boys, visit our website at:  http://www.kieve.org/summer_camp_boys/index.htm

Role Model Kieve-Wavus Values

The Head Bunkhouse Counselor, like all Kieve-Wavus employees, is expected to role model the behaviors and values that are the mission of Kieve-Wavus Education:  kindness and respect for others and environmental stewardship.  By holding themselves and all those around them to the standard that “everyone and everything has the right to be treated with kindness and respect,” the Head Bunkhouse Counselor will foster the character development that is the underlying goal behind all of the experiences at Kieve-Wavus, both in camp and on the trips.

Cabin Management and Development of Group Dynamics

With the assistance of the Junior Counselors, the Head Bunkhouse Counselor is responsible for facilitating the development of their cabin as a team, including formal and informal teambuilding activities.  A successful trip and session are typically dependent on the group’s ability to function as a team.  Throughout this process, the Head Bunkhouse Counselor is responsible for managing and facilitating the growth of each individual as well as the growth of the team as a whole.

Trip Preparation, Leading, and Wrap-up

With the assistance of the Trip Directors, the Head Bunkhouse Counselor is responsible for various trip preparations, including menu planning, packing food and equipment, and ensuring that all campers and counselors have packed the appropriate personal gear for the trip.  On the trip, the Head Bunkhouse Counselor is the Trip Leader as defined by the Maine IF&W Regulations and is responsible for all things trip related, including, but not limited to:  decision making and risk management; navigation and communication; group management and dynamics; and, all other topics included in the Trip Leader Safety Course curriculum.  Upon returning to camp, the Head Bunkhouse Counselor is responsible for making sure that all items on the Returning Trips Checklist are complete, including cleaning and stowing all gear, equipment, and vehicles, money pouch accounting, and writing the trip report.

Health and Well Being

The head Bunkhouse Counselor, with the support of the Health Care Manager, is responsible for the health and well-being of the campers in their cabin.  This includes treatment of injuries and illnesses using camp provided first aid kits and standing orders, documentation of all injuries, illnesses, and treatments, distributing medications, and coordinating the the Camp Directors, Trip Directors, and Health Care Manager for any off-site care.  Much of this is accomplished through a daily check-in with each camper regarding any injuries, illnesses, or other concerns, and communicating those to the Health Care Manager or Camp Directors as appropriate.

In Camp Activities

In addition to their responsibilities in the cabin, all counselors have responsibilities in camp that will vary on a day-to-day basis including, but not limited to:  instructing and overseeing camp activities (archery, riflery, sailing, swimming, etc.); monitoring twice daily whole camp swimming (General Swim); leading and supporting whole camp evening activities; supervising rest period and evening cabin time; and, monitoring free-time activities.

Managing Fellow Cabin Staff

The Head Bunkhouse Counselor and Junior Counselor(s) for each cabin are a team who must work together effectively and efficiently in order to ensure a smooth and successful session in their cabin.  The Head Bunkhouse Counselor, with the support of the Camp Directors and Trip Directors, is responsible for managing this team for the good of the campers, including distributing and delegating responsibilities appropriately among the team for which they are responsible.

Communicating with Parents

Working with the Camp Directors, Trip Directors, and Health Care Manager, communicate with parents as necessary or requested in a timely and professional manner, including writing mid- and end-of-session letters to parents to provide a thoughtful report on their child’s development at camp.

Various Related Responsibilities in Support of the Organization

Kieve-Wavus Education is a large organization with many programs and functions operated by a small and dedicated staff.  As such, from time to time all employees may be asked to perform duties in support of the organization that would not typically be associated with their job title or description.  It is expected that all employees be willing to help support and further the mission of the organization in whatever way necessary, including tasks that may be outside their normal responsibilities.


  • Significant wilderness tripping experience
  • Experience working with, educating, or coaching adolescents
  • Wilderness First Aid certification or higher (WFA course offered at Kieve-Wavus during Staff Training)
  • Must be at least 21 years of age with valid driver’s license and clean driving record
  • Good character, integrity, and adaptability in addition to enthusiasm, sense of humor, and patience
Application Process:
1.  Contact Betsy Lee via email at:  betsyl@kievewavus.org – or call 207-563-5172, extension 19
2.  Notify your faculty member and forward a copy of your application to UMF’s Partnership at:  pca@maine.edu
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