Employer: Spruce Mill Farm
Internship Number: 518
Internship Title: Organic Farm Intern
Location: Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
Period of Engagement: Available each term – Spring and Summer
Compensation: Paid
Description of the Internship:
Spruce Mill Farm grows a diverse variety of extended seasonal vegetables, raises pastured pork and meat birds and offers limited Community Supported Agriculture shares.  Everything about the farm is sustainable and done as efficient as possible.   Spruce Mill Farm is not certified organic through MOFGA but does apply all the same practices to their growing techniques.  Located in the heart of rural Maine, the farm is operated and owned by Dustin and Natasha Colbry, who just opened a new storefront in the heart of Dover-Foxcroft, located at 920 West Main Street!  We are so excited to share this venture with our community and offer locally sourced, farm fresh vegetables, dairy, artisan cheeses, eggs, fresh breads, pastries and more.

The intern will work with the Farm owners, Dustin and Natasha Colbry, performing farm work to help them with the organic, sustainable operation.  The intern will learn the basic concepts and practices of organic farming.  Additionally, the intern will get an understanding of how the business model works from production to retail sales in the Spruce Mill Farm store.  

For more information on Spruce Mill Farm, please visit their website at:  https://sprucemillfarm.com/

Work at Spruce Mill Farm is diverse, ranging from greenhouse production, field crop planting, weeding and harvesting, to building and repairing farm infrastructure.  Interns are often called upon to do different and sometimes tedious jobs in all kinds of weather.  Be prepared for hard physical labor.

On a farm there is rarely nothing to do.  If a task is completed before another task is assigned, the intern will be expected to use their time by doing a job on the Farm bulletin board such as cleaning up, weeding ends of rows or greenhouses, or livestock assistance.

Interns may be asked to work around machinery and should exercise caution when doing so.  NO ONE will drive a tractor or use power equipment except Dustin.

List of sought after skills and qualifications:

  • Responsible, punctual, and reliable
  • Able to perform sustained physical work (farm work)
  • Eager to learn about sustainable farming
  • An interest in the natural sciences
  • Possibly interested in small entrepreneurial business development
Application Process:
Application is made through UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement.
Complete and submit the Internship Application Form online.
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