Employer: ArtsFarmington
Internship Number: 592
Internship Title: Advocate for ArtsFarmington
Location: Farmington, Maine
Period of Engagement: Spring, Summer, or Fall
Compensation: Yes: $250 per semester
Description of the Internship:
ArtsFarmington (previously Arts Institute of Western Maine) has been bringing local and world-class performances to the area since 1971. As an affiliate of UMF, we’re proud to use the historic Nordica Auditorium as the venue for many of our events. In addition to concerts there we have offered performances at Emery Arts Center and The Farmington Public Library. We also work with the UMF Art Gallery on visual arts events such as the Waterbear Confabulum every fall.

ArtsFarmington (ArtsF) would like to utilize the experience and skills of a student intern to help us connect with the UMF student community and Farmington area at large. We would like to create more student awareness and interest in our programs.

  • Attend ArtsFarmington Program Committee meetings  when and if possible. (First Tuesdays of the  month at 9am at United Way office on Main St.)
  • Be a member of the publicity committee. (Meets only twice/semester.)
  • Distribute event posters on campus and send notices to various campus media. (Many students don’t seem to even KNOW where Nordica Aud. IS, so increasing awareness of that would be helpful.)
  • Work with ArtsFarmington webmaster to utilize social media and update website as an outreach tool.
  • Attend concerts (3-4/semester) and assist in selling tickets and collecting data as to audience make-up. May also assist performers if need be. Could also take photos.
  • Connect with professors who teach classes that are related to our sponsored events. Ask profs to encourage their students to attend. (Ex. When we sponsored a poetry reading by the current and previous poet laureates of Maine, no college students were in attendance.)
  • Be able to communicate with board members via email, phone, texting, etc.
  • Help ArtsFarmington find ways to assist and support artistic efforts and events by UMF students. That includes keeping us informed as to what’s happening on campus that might be of interest to the greater community.
  • Computer technology skills
  • Ability to interact with community, students and faculty
  • Writing skills
  • Involvement in the arts, to some extent, is not required but could make experience more meaningful for the student.
Application Process:
Application is made through UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement.
Complete and submit the Internship Application Form online.
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