Employer: Rangeley Region Economic Opportunity Committee(RREOC)/Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce
Internship # 606
Internship Title: Video Marketing Intern
Location: Rangeley, Maine
Period of Engagement: Summer
Compensation: Paid
Description of the Internship:
RREOC is a group formed by the town government to create long term economic growth and Stability.  The Chamber is a non-profit member organization whose mission is to market the Rangeley. region, promote tourism, local businesses and home ownership in order to support and grow the local economy.The objective of the project is to develop videos for destination marketing.  The project will include meeting with community leaders to gain an understanding of the region and to determine what events and/or community assets should be included in the region’s video marketing.

The student would initially meet with community members to learn about the character, the uniqueness, and the events of the Rangeley Region. They would then work with various community leaders to define the objectives of the video marketing and to make a plan.  The student will then take videos, get input from the community and finalize the videos. The salary is negotiable and the student would work between 20-30 hours per week.

  • Collaborate with the employer and various community leaders to define the objectives of the video marketing project
  • Shoot the necessary footage with appropriate techniques that give it a professional appearance.
  • Finalize the videos for review by the employer and community members.
  • Videography skills
  • Good communication skills
Application Process:
Complete and submit the Partnership’s Internship Application Form online
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