Employer: United Way of the Tri-Valley Area
Internship Number: 612
Internship Title: Marketing Coordinator Internship
Location: Farmington, ME
Period of Engagement: To be determined by supervisor based on academic requirements and availability.
Compensation Unpaid
Description of the Internship:
United Way is a nonprofit organization that partners with 50 local programs to provide a better quality of life for people experiencing emergencies, hardships and personal challenges.This internship grounds the intern in the opportunities and challenges of marketing in the non-profit sector. The intern will be responsible for generating content, working with staff, volunteers and/or interns who are scheduling outreach efforts in order to increase the visibility of United Way and increase its ability to positively impact the community.

This internship and its responsibilities and associated hours may be modified to meet internship and practicum requirements from 450 hours to a minimum of 135.

  • Orientation and training
    • Target outcome: Attend one orientation session
    • Target outcome: Identify potential professional development opportunities to acquire and ask for support. (Example: Excel training; public speaking; etc.)
    • Target outcome: Review United Way Worldwide’s branding requirements
    • Target outcome: Review United Ways of Maine marketing plans
  • Office assistance
    • Target outcome: Become familiar with community requests by providing office assistance including answering phones and greeting people as they visit the office depending on schedule and availability. Triaging requests provides valuable insight into community needs, resources, and gaps in services as well as the operations of a non-profit.
  • Point of Sale (POS) education / Revenue generation
    • Target outcome: Research effectiveness of Point of Sale opportunities for revenue generation and awareness building. Examples include: Dip jar / Dollar Drive / Jar of Hope
    • Target outcome: Generate a report and recommendation
    • Target outcome: Develop educational materials
  • Develop a portfolio of articles for all platforms. (web, social media)
    • Target outcome: Interview all United Way Community Partners and develop a portfolio of articles for each one to be used in multiple formats. Articles will need to be adapted for social media and web posts, newspaper articles, and United Way’s annual report
    • Target outcome: Interview Hope Fund recipients and create portfolio of articles adaptable to multiple platforms
    • Target outcome: Interview Special projects recipients and create portfolio of articles adaptable to multiple platforms
    • Target outcome: Research UWTVA programs and initiatives and write at least 8 articles
    • Target outcome: Assist with the development of content and script for United Way videos
  • Portfolio of images (photos/logos)
    • Target outcome: Create a portfolio of images and logos from which UWTVA staff and volunteers can draw for future marketing efforts. At a minimum, every Community Partner and United Way initiative should be represented
  • FamilyWize marketing plan
    • Target outcome: Develop a marketing plan for the FamilyWize prescription assistance program
  • Development of impactful messages to use on all platforms
    • Target outcome: Develop a series of program-specific messages that integrate with the current Live Here, Give Here, Help Here tag line
  • Campaign supplies research
    • Target outcome: Research effective United Way campaign materials and develop a recommendation. Submit recommendation in writing along with budget
  • Trade show display: to-go boxes
    • Target outcome: Identify current community events to leverage/market/collaborate with
    • Target outcome: Create a “trade show” display
    • Target outcome: Update UWTVA’s “to go box” that contains resource information; marketing materials
  • Pop Up marketing opportunities
    • Target outcome: Research effective pop up strategies that help build the visibility of UWTVA and foster corporate partnerships such as one-day book sales
    • Target outcome: Create a one page report of opportunities and goals specific to each opportunity
  • Corporate partner customized e-news /intranet
    • Target outcome: Identify at least 5 e-newsletter opportunities sent by corporate partners and customize a series of articles for each one


  • Attend United Way Communication and Marketing Committee meetings
  • Attend community meetings (such as the Franklin Resource Collaborative) as assigned and available
  • Become familiar with United Way Community Investment process and United Way Community Partners to have a better understanding of community needs, and what United Way supports
  • Provide a written one-page report to site supervisor weekly.
  • Meet at a scheduled time for a one-on-one meeting with site supervisor at least every two weeks (frequent interaction will also occur at the United Way office, FVN meetings, and other venues throughout the community)
  • Ask questions as needed so site supervisor can provide appropriate support
  • Be passionate about meeting United Way’s mission and goals
  • In depth knowledge of marketing
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to talk with a variety of persons/groups
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team
  • Good research and organizational skills
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Attention to detail
Application Process:
Application is made through UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement.
Complete and submit the Internship Application Form online.
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