Employer: The Stanley Museum, Inc
Internship Number: 621
Internship Title: Archival Research Intern
Location: Kingfield, ME
Period of Engagement: Summer
Compensation Unpaid (can be taken for academic credit)
Description of the Internship:
We are a museum that wants to share the story of the Stanley family with the public. They were entrepreneurial, innovative and creative. They are best known for steam cars, but were also successful in photography and developed a process to speed up developing negatives, eventually being bought out by Eastman Kodak. Their sister was an amazing photographer in the day that very few women were involved in that field. (The twins and their sister attended what is now known as UMF)We are looking for a friendly, outgoing person to give tours of our museum and do some office work. They should be interested in history, especially Franklin county history, and willing to talk to our visitors.
  • Scanning and recording archival materials the museum currently owns.
  • This would include computer work recording their findings and using a system to easily identify the archival materials.
  • Computer skills
  • Writing skills
  • Skills in scanning materials
  • Respect for history
Application Process:
Application is made through UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement.
Complete and submit the Internship Application Form online.
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