Yes. Although you’ve used the author’s last name in a signal phrase and followed your paraphrase with a parenthetical citation with the page number, you’ve still plagiarized the sentence structure. If you go through the four-step process for paraphrasing, you would first translate the words, then flip the sentence structure, add a signal phrase, and then cite.

“The law surrounding threats has gained recent attention from commentators after decades of virtual anonymity and unaddressed confusion among the lower courts. The sudden interest in threats has been sparked primarily by the proliferation of widely disseminated Internet speech” (Rothman 286).

becomes the paraphrased passage below:

In her 2001 article for Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Jennifer E. Rothman writes that it was the growth in the Internet’s ability to spread a message that led to those who watch public policy matters to suddenly take notice of cyber threats, even though lower courts had for years not dealt with the confusing legal issues regarding threatening speech (286).