Things we want to hear about:

  • Major awards and publications, accomplishments for students, faculty or staff
  • Noteworthy accomplishments for students, faculty or staff
  • Collaborations between students and faculty, ie. undergraduate research projects, etc.
  • Campus events and speakers whose presentations are open to the public
  • New practices, programs or innovative approaches to traditional subjects and disciplines

How to Receive the Best Media Coverage:

Contact our office with the news that you think an external audience would be interested in so it can be best evaluated for possible media distribution. News for on-campus audiences only are best communicated by the individual or through their departmental offices.

Provide us with as much advanced notice as possible. We are, at any one time, working on multiple releases, in addition to other news media efforts. A 30 to 60 day notice gives us the optimal time to evaluate and develop your news item.

Submit your event to the Campus Events Calendar; it is a vehicle that will communicate your important on campus event to many outlets and constituencies. Once submitted, your event will be:

  • Posted to the UMF public website and myCampus
  • Posted to external on-line events calendars such as MPBN, Maine Arts Commission and Maine Tourism
  • Emailed weekly to news media contacts around the state
  • Evaluated for possible further media interest

Make yourself available to reporters. They juggle many stories at a time and are on a tight production schedule, often at the end of the day. By taking the time to return their calls as soon as possible, your valuable subject-specific knowledge will have the opportunity to enrich the reporter’s article and add to the public conversation.

Participate in the UMF Faculty Experts List. The Office of Media Relations helps coordinate a UMF Faculty Experts List that is available online to reporters and editors.