What is the MHRT/Community ? MHRT/Community is a certification required of persons working in positions funded by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

MHRT/Community is the most widely needed certification in the State of Maine.  The MHRT/Community is required for mental health crisis workers, case managers or community support workers, day treatment workers and independent living specialists, and children’s case managers, and home-based family services staff.

How do I qualify to become MHRT/Community Certified? One way to qualify for MHRT/Community certification is to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology which includes the requirements listed below. Students must request this sub-plan be added to their transcripts. Please make sure you request the designation BEFORE you graduate and before your diploma is issued. You MUST complete a short form available from the Psychology Department.

How do I apply for the MHRT/Community? In order to apply for MHRT/Community Certification, you must  download this form. After you graduate you MUST send the completed form (Sections I, II, III, & IV only)  and an official copy of your transcripts with the Counseling Track designation to the address indicated on the form. Please follow instructions, CAREFULLY.  No examination is required.

MHRT/Community Guidelines:

MHRT/Community Frequently Asked Questions:

What jobs are available in Maine? To learn about current jobs openings in Maine, check out the following web site: http://www.maine.gov/portal/working/jobs.html#resources


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, including these classes:


  • Psy 209 Abnormal Psychology
  • Psy 226 Adulthood and Aging
  • Psy 235 Introduction to Counseling
  • Psy 237 Career Counseling
  • Psy 455 Crisis Intervention and Stabilization

Plus one additional course from the following:

  • Psy 329 Child and Family Counseling and Psychopathology
  • Psy 435 Psychotherapeutic Methods

An Internship is also encouraged.

This Track leads to Full MHRT Certification in the State of Maine