Each year, and particularly in September when everyone arrives at once and the University is a new and strange place to many, we find a lot of the same parking violations happening as the previous year. With this in mind, we thought some helpful hints might help avoid some of that confusion and frustration.

First of all be sure to get a parking decal, whether you are Faculty, Staff, or Student; all UMF community members, to include guests, are required to have a parking decal displayed.

These helpful hints have been put together to help you avoid getting a parking ticket as you find your way around campus: Because the first few weeks of classes are often somewhat hectic, we suggest that you take the time to look around for the paved and graveled student parking lots where your decal allows you to park. The parking lots you are authorized to park in are printed on the back of your decal and parking brochures with a campus map are provided when you get your decal. In order to save yourself a ticket, be sure to allow yourself enough time to park and walk to class.

If you are unloading your vehicle at the entrance of your residence hall, please leave your vehicle running with it’s four ways on and do not take longer than 15 minutes or you may be issued a ticket. With the exception of Fall Centralized Check-In day there is absolutely no parking on Main Street in front of  Scott Hall on either side of the road.  Farmington Police make routine checks of this area and you will be ticketed at any other time.

If your vehicle breaks down on campus, notify the Department of Public Safety/Campus Police immediately at 778-7400, this could save you from being ticketed or even towed. If the vehicle needs to be moved, at least you can make the arrangements and have it taken where you want to for repairs.


To be properly parked on campus, your vehicle must be between two white lines and in a lot of the proper designation according to your decal. If you take the chance of parking in an improper lot you will be ticketed.

One common situation we often hear is:
“There was a car already parked there, so I assumed it was OK “

Please do not assume that it is all right because someone else was there before you-often it is not. If you have any questions, please refer to your campus map and parking rules. If these are not clear, please call us at 778-7400.

reserved_parking_sign staff only parking_sign


If you park on Campus you must purchase and display a parking decal. Decals are valid for that academic year only.

Residence Hall = Red (Red Decals w/ White Lettering)
Residence Hall students may only park in lots designated by a red circle.

Commuter = Yellow (Yellow Decals w/ White Lettering)
Commuter students may only park in lots designated by a yellow circle.

First Year Students = Black (White Decals w/ Black Lettering)
First Year residents can only park in lots designated by a black circle.

Daily checks of parking lots by the on-duty Officer or our Student Parking Enforcement Employees help to assure all individuals are abiding by the parking rules and regulations.

Please contact the UMF Department of Public Safety/Campus Police at 207-778-7400 if you have questions about the University’s parking policies.