On this campus we encourage those who have been sexually assaulted to report what has happened. Reporting ensures aid for the victim and an appropriate response to the crime from this institution.

The following conditions will prevail at all administrative hearings before the Judicial Affairs officer and the University Conduct Committee hearings:

Victim Rights Act A

University Conduct Hearing

  1. The victim is party to the proceedings and has the right to remain present during the Conduct Committee hearing.

  2. The victim has an equal right with the accused in deciding whether the Conduct Committee hearing should be open or closed.

  3. The victim has a right to be accompanied by an advisor at the administrative hearing and throughout the hearing before the Conduct Committee.

  4. The victim has the right, as established in Maine criminal law, not to have his or her past sexual history discussed during the hearing.

  5. The victim has a right to make a “victim impact statement”.

  6. The victim has the right to be informed concurrent with the notice to the accused of the decision of the conduct officer or the Conduct Committee, and the sanction imposed.

  7. The victim has the right to immediate hearing and an alternative living arrangement when the victim and the accused live in the same residence hall or when the accused lives in proximity of the victim.