For emergencies, property loss, lost and found or to report suspicious persons, call  ext. 7400 you may also dial 911 from any phone on campus to reach the emergency line of the Franklin County Sheriffs Department.

  1. At all times when crossing any street use the designated crosswalks. Make sure to look both ways, activate the hazard lights, and give the oncoming traffic enough time to stop before crossing.
  2. Whenever possible, at night walk with someone else rather than on your own.
  3. Refrain from taking shortcuts, especially where there are no lights, vehicle or foot traffic.
  4. Notice where the nearest phone, call boxes or occupied dwelling is that you could use or run to in an emergency.
  5. Notice the pattern of persons who may parallel or follow you, or approach you, and vary your direction or path. Do not hesitate to ask someone to accompany you, or to yell for help. Trust your instincts. Your safety is more important than embarrassing someone.
  6. Carry a whistle so that you can use it if necessary. Public Safety issues free whistles to Faculty/Staff and Students.
  7. Have your keys out and ready before you get to the door.
  8. Call for a Security Escort. This service is available during night time hours for Faculty, Staff, Students, and guests of UMF.
  9. Have a Plan!! (Before you go out… to a party, study group, dinner, or any other activity!)