For emergencies, property loss, lost and found or to report suspicious persons, call  ext. 7400 you may also dial 911 from any phone on campus to reach the emergency line of the Franklin County Sheriffs Department.

  • Park in assigned areas on campus. These areas are patrolled day and night.
  • Roll your windows all the way up and lock your doors when you leave your car.
  • Remember, the safest place to leave parcels and valuables is in your trunk.
  • Do not leave any item of value where it can be seen through the car windows.
  • When parking on campus, check your car every day. Immediately report any vandalism or theft.
  • Enable all security alarms that may protect your car from possible burglars or intruders.
  • Never park your car in an isolated area.
  • Do not leave your car running with your keys in the ignition.