For emergencies, property loss, lost and found or to report suspicious persons, call  ext. 7400 you may also dial 911 from any phone on campus to reach the emergency line of the Franklin County Sheriffs Department.

  1. Alcohol and other drugs often play a part in street safety, campus safety, and interpersonal safety.
  2. Alcohol affects judgement, coordination and your ability to get out of a situation and protect yourself.
  3. Alcohol can reduce your ability to handle frustration and stress, and can increase your chance of acting on anger or hostility inappropriately.
  4. You will encounter many opportunities to drink more than you need. Not only your health and well being, but your physical safety and ability to be a viable campus community member can be at risk. Think before you drink.

*Public Safety takes under-age drinking VERY seriously and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.