Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician (MHRT/Community) Certification

The MHRT/Community is a certification required of persons working with adults with mental illness in positions funded by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Typical positions that require the MHRT/C certification include: crisis workers, case managers, community support workers, and home-based family services staff. 

How do I qualify to become MHRT/Community Certified? If you are a Rehabilitation Services Major and have the four required courses below you will automatically be eligible for the certification. No examination is required. Students wishing to have the MHRT/C on their transcript must fill out a declaration form obtained from the Rehabilitation Services Department.

  •  REH 249 Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • REH 250 Introduction to Addiction
  • REH 270 Vocational Counseling and Placement
  •  REH 420 Trauma and Resiliency

How do I apply for the MHRT/Community? Please visit the following website for to begin the application process.