“Rehab is focusing on people’s strengths and their abilities.  The Rehab Program at UMF prepares students to work with people, assisting them in reaching their goals.”
–Jesse Michaud, Alumni

Rehabilitation Services is a helping profession.  The main focus of rehabilitation is to help people to make choices, attain goals, and discover their strengths and abilities.  As a graduate of the Rehabilitation Services Program, you will have many exciting and diverse career opportunities.  It will be up to you to explore how you think you can help best.


The coursework in the Rehabilitation Services Program will provide you with the general skills to work with a variety of populations.  As you take classes and learn more about your personal strengths, you will discover the population that most interests you.  There are many different groups to work with, including people: who have mental illness, different addictions, people with traumatic brain injuries and or physical disabilities.


Students have the chance to participate in activities outside the classroom that can broaden their experiences.

playing quad rugby

Faculty and Students participating in a Quad Rugby Fundraiser