Here are some photos of the materials inside the Depot!

As you look through the pictures you will see the variety of materials we have!

We have a variety of paper including rolls by the yard, notecards, card stock, matte board, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, foam board, and poster board.

There are a variety of wallpaper books, fabrics, leather, and a huge assortment of 3-ring binders.



We have a wide selection of wood pieces including wheels, dowels, cubes, game pieces, handles, and beads.

recycled magazines


We have a random assortment of materials including (but not limited to) plastic tubes, bottle caps, colorful foam shapes, corks, containers, and eye droppers.


We have a large selection of beads, ribbon, thread and pipe cleaners for arts and crafts projects.


Also, we have cardboard tubes of all sizes and NEW and used greeting cards for all occasions.

Check out our ready made Project Bags for kids! Includes all materials and instructions for a fun and easy project, with room for creativity to spare!


This is a picture of our work room, which is always available for customers.
It is also where we hold our workshops!

These are just some of the different projects that students and community members have done here at the Resource Depot!

This is just a sample of what we have! Come on over and see everything for yourself!