How UMF students aspiring to be teachers, and current teachers in the field can use the Depot!

Everyone’s Resource Depot is for everyone, as the name would imply, but we are particularly useful to students and teachers alike. We have many materials well suited for all ages and all learners. Teachers could make use of some materials we have, such as:

  1. Cardboard tubes
  2. Binders
  3. Folders
  4. Bulletin board background and borders
  5. Crayons
  6. Colored pencils
  7. Small wooden pieces (good for counting)
  8. Blocks and wooden pieces
  9. All kinds of paper
  10. Lined paper
  11. Envelopes
  12. Greeting cards
  13. Maps and wall posters
  14. Magazines

If you are a parent or a student, we have many necessary back to school materials, such as binders and notebook paper. We have world maps and pictures, as well as other posters to help with decorating a classroom. For children, we have project bags as well as many loose materials that could be made into a project. We also have various sizes of poster-board and other types of cardboard that could be used for presentations.

We have also made Musical Instruments 

String Instruments



Need materials for a class project? We have it! Many students have found all the materials they need for their Early Childhood, Rehab and other education classes to make sensory bags, assistive technology and more!