The biology program at UMF is housed in the Division of Natural Sciences. We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Biology for students interested in pursuing a technical career or further graduate studies and housed within the program is our pre-professional track for those students intending to go to professional school in the medicinal sciences or pharmacy.  In conjunction with our College of Education we offer a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Biology (for students interested in a career in science education). We also offer a minor in Biology for students majoring in other fields.

Students enrolled in our programs participate in a curriculum designed to provide them with a broad background in the biological sciences, while allowing them the flexibility to specialize in their area of career interest. Small class sizes, close faculty-student relations, and a relaxed learning environment are among the advantages enjoyed by UMF students. The biology faculty have a wide range of teaching and research interests, and professors actively involve students in their research programs. Modern well equipped labs and a variety of nearby forest, freshwater, and marine locations provide students with ample opportunities to engage in independent research or internships in ecology, aquatic biology, animal behavior, microbiology, physiology, and genetics.