Why UMF for Secondary or Middle School Education?

When the first 31 students of the Western State Normal School gathered in Farmington in 1864, a tradition was born which continues to this day. That earlier incarnation of UMF was the first teacher college in Maine, and 150 years later UMF still offers the finest education available to aspiring teachers.

UMF has undergone many changes since 1864 and is now known as one of the most competitive liberal arts colleges in the Northeast. This fact is important to secondary education majors. You are looking for the best in teacher education as well as more depth and rigor in the discipline you will teach. Rated one of “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report, UMF has the courses and the reputation to launch you in your planned career. Classes are generally small, so you will have easy access to your professors both in and outside of classes, but opportunities are large. All the resources of the seven-campus University of Maine System stand at your disposal.

Located near the heart of Farmington, UMF enjoys a long, close association with area teachers and schools. This will be important when you venture into the classroom for field experiences during your sophomore or junior years and student teaching during your senior year. You may also appreciate UMF’s location near the finest recreation areas in the northeast: world class skiing, hiking, and water sports. UMF is also affordable. Our extensive financial aid program ensures money is not an obstacle to obtaining a fine education.